This is a masterpiece

This is a masterpiece

Works every time…

Credit: Esther the Wonder Pig

Holy smokes

Credit: Yellowstone National Park

Can’t even deal

Can't even deal

It ain’t easy!

Credit: Daniel Euan Henderson

I’ll take 12 please

Credit: Cocoville

Can you trick people into improving their lives? A behavioral economics professor is banking on it

  Whether personal or professional, change is hard. And the cumulative data is not on our side. Take something obviously detrimental, like smoking. A mere 4% to 7% of people successfully quit without the aid of medication or outside help. Even experiencing a traumatic event like...

UFC’s once-great hope Rousey suffers lightning-fast defeat

(CNN)Only 48 seconds after the opening bell, the comeback was over.   Ronda Rousey, the UFC's once-great hope and the sport's all-dominating athlete, saw her chance to redeem her November 2015 loss to Holly Holm.   But almost straight away that dream was shattered by a prepared,...