Even Queen Bee Beyonce Is An Airbnb Customer


The rental website Airbnb has took the world by storm the last few years and seems to be the coolest and trendiest way to book a place to stay for your travels.

Say goodbye to dodgy hotel rooms and hello to cute and eccentric apartments that people are willing to let you stay in and make your own for the duration of your holiday.

It turns out that even mega superstars such as Beyoncé are fans of Airbnb!

The star recently checked into an Airbnb apartment over the Super Bowl 50 weekend in which she performed at during the halftime show.

Whilst we will probably never come close to being able to afford to stay at the luxurious apartment in the rich area of Los Altos Hills in San Francisco Bay, it is still pretty cool that we too can look up the same Airbnb listing that Queen Bey did.

If you want to travel in the up-most style like Beyoncé does, then this is the kind of Airbnb rental you need to be booking:

beyonce airbnb

The San Fran apartment has its own infinity pool and stunning contemporary features.

Unsurprisingly, Airbnb themselves said that they were thrilled to see the star enjoying some relaxation and time off during her busy Super Bowl weekend in one of their rentals.

They even added that they hoped she was ‘crazy in love’ with their apartment (we can see what you did there Airbnb!).

The superstar posted a photo of her relaxing in her rented out house in the San Fran sunshine:


She captioned the stunning photo with ‘It was a Super weekend’ and tagged Airbnb in her post.

If you fancy staying in the luxurious apartment that Bey did, then be prepared to fork out a whopping $10,000 per night that you want to stay!

The pop Queen had 12-acres of land all to herself thanks to the spectacular apartment.

For now we will stick to the $30 per night Airbnb rentals that they have to offer…;