Snake Bites Son, Then Hospital Charges Dad $1 Million For Anti-Venom Cure


The bill is jaw-dropping. David Devine was charged a whopping $1.188 million by the hospital who treated his son for a snake bite.

His son, 10-year-old Dominic Devine, has autism. One summer night, the family was visiting his grandparents at Lake Mathews. Unable to recognize the danger, Dominic picked up a rattle snake and waved around in the air.

The snake bit him on the thigh. His grandparents immediately took him to the hospital. With the anti-venom treatment, Dominic quickly recovered.

However, when David received the bill, he could not believe what the simple antidote cost.

“My reaction to the cost is I can literally sell my house in Redondo Beach that I’ve worked my whole life for and have it paid off in full… and I would still owe that hospital $250,000,” David told Fox 11.

Each vial of anti-venom costs $14,000. On average, a patient will need 18 to 24 vials. In Dominic’s case, there was a clerical error that brought the charge up. The hospital reduced it to $511,825.01. Then they realized there was another mistake and reduced it to $350,000.

David would have to pay around $8,000 as a co-pay, but because they troubled him wrong, they finally waived the fee.

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