Teen Runs Into Girl Who Looks Just Like Her, Months Later She Receives Photo Of Another Twin

In September 2016, Santana Gutierrez, a 17-year-old attending college in California, went to the mall to get her phone repaired. It wasn’t the mall she normally wentto, but it was the closest one with an Apple Store, so Santana and her friend made the trip.

While at the mall, Santana and a friend were approached by a girl, Isobel, who was giving out information about the Save the Children fund.

While Isobelexplained more about the organization, Santana realized that Isobel looked just like her. Santana wasn’t able to focus on anything Isobel was saying because she was so distracted by the fact that they looked nearly identical.

Isobel was thinking the exact same thing, so the girls exchanged contact information and took a picture together. They shared the picture on social media, where people thought it was crazy and cool that they had just run into one another.

This week, almost four months after Isobel and Santana ran into one another, something strange happened: another “twin” appeared.

Twitter user Lexi Maurins sent the girls a picture of her friend, Ally Holt, who also looks a lot likeSantana and Isobel.

Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any weirder, another doppelgnger showed up. Everyone was convinced they were related, but all their parents claim they’ve never even met.

Santana toldBuzzFeed Newsthatshe’s still in contact with Isobel, and hopes she can get in touch with the rest of the clones in the future.

“It would be so funny for all of us to meet one day to see each other in person,” she said.

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