This Robot Chef Could Cook Your Dinner by 2017


    Robots are coming…to make us soup!

    Robots are make us soup!

    These days, robots vacuum our floors and entertain small children. As soon as 2017, Moley Robotics’ robots could be making any one of 2,000 delicious meals with only a tap from our smartphones guiding them. Would they still add a dash of love like your grandma? If you told them to, probably.

    BEHOLD THE FUTURE – a robot slowly stirring a crab bisque!


    Robotic hands made for space exploration – now for setting up a low boil

    Robotic hands made for space exploration - now for setting up a low boil

    Some seriously advanced hands will be handling your midnight snack. The hand features “20 actuated degrees of freedom, position and force sensors, and ultra sensitive touch sensors on the fingertips.” So whether trying to explain a metaphor or make a fruit salad, it can distinguish between apples and oranges.

    The robot mimics it’s movements the movements a former MasterChef performs in a kitchen. The steps of a recipe are captured on a 3D camera and uploaded into a computer. Check out the process below:

    Our imagination is the limit

    Our imagination is the limit

    Tim Anderson, the chef who made the bisque above, says one goal for the program is to have professional chefs capture themselves making their signature dishes so that the robot can reproduce it. Then can people can download them onto their own robots. Anderson and Moley Robotics are looking to create “an app store for food.”

    Start panicking?

    Start panicking?

    Whoa there. Sure, you’re handing a robot with extremely lifelike hands a kitchen knife and trusting it not to rebel against you. That said, this guy still can’t chop or prep food by itself, or find a utensil that has been moved out of its normal place. So, ruthless killing machine it is not. Also, the initial asking price for a robot and associated kitchen is $15,000.00, so it might not be too widespread.

    Will robots be making lunch for us by 2017? Only time will tell!